Factors to Consider When Selecting Betting Sites in Kenya

Betting Sites in Kenya

How many betting sites in Kenya are you aware of? I know over 30 sports bet sites that –Betin Sportpesa, Betway, Mcheza, Sportybet and other popular betting websites. Being a gambler is an incredible thing and especially for those that take it as a hobby and are able to have control as it is sometimes addictive.

There are many betting sites in Kenya-some you’re aware about and others you’ve probably never heard of that offer convenient online bookmarking for Kenyans. Each of them differs from the other though they offer the same sports.  Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best betting website in Kenya.

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Look at the reviews that are given by the users

One thing that is trending in almost every business in the economy today is the provision of space for reviews and comments. This is the platform where clients vent out their feeling, experience and complaints from the services they have been offered.

To check any bookmarker website reviews simply type the following on google. (BOOKIE NAME + REVIEWS) for example “Sportpesa reviews” for sportpesa or “Betin reviews” for Betin Kenya. You will find many reviews left by users online.  Based on this- you can decide whether it’s good for you or not.

Take a look at this so as to ascertain the best one which of course will have a positive rating and reviews.  The reviews present you with the best selection at any one time.

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Check the speed of their website as this could either make or break a bet

Back in 2016, I was a fan of Elitebet Kenya- but I noticed that during weekends- at times it was impossible to access and place bets on the website. The reason? Many games are played on weekends and most Kenyans would access the site which would make it impossible to access the website. But the problem has changed however.

On the other hand, you will agree with me that at times- especially during weekends- it’s becomes almost impossible to load cash to your Sportpesa account- right? So if I have to be on weekends- I normally recharge my account as early as Friday or Saturday mornings to avoid such delays.

My point? -Test the reliability of any bookmaker website by opening it at different times of the day – especially on weekends. You’ll be in a position to ascertain whether it is appropriate or inappropriate. The importance of this is seen during the peak hours where the best selection is that which does not have a problem as a result of many users. They should be in a position to serve all their clients without bluffing or presence of downtimes.

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Review their customer service

Every business should have a quick and responsive customer service that allows one to raise the issues that could be experienced. Each betting website in Kenya has a customer service to help their clients whenever an issues arises.The best selection is that which enables the user to access help immediately and all around the clock. Call the numbers listed, email and even message them to confirm that they are responsive. The importance of this is seen when there is a personal need such as a problem with withdrawals or deposits.  A prompt response must always be given for a site to be qualified as the best.

Get one that offers multiple betting platforms

The current human society is one that is ever on the move which thus implies that the bookmarkers must provide for the same.  The best bookie sites are those which offer a combination of platforms from which their clients can access their services. Common ways through which this is provided is through the SMS, official websites, and mobile applications. Check the one that offers that way that will be fitting as per the needs present plus your schedule.


The ease of depositing and withdraws

Place a bet means that one has to make a deposit to the site through an accepted method. Does the betting website of your interest make it easy for punters to deposit and withdraw cash?

Make sure that you can understand how each of their preferred channels is used for the depositing and withdrawals.  Again, the security of these transactions needs also be clarified as at times this could prove fatal in terms of losses if they are not secure enough.



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